Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HTML5 and Mobile Web (Our iPhone Approach)

So just so you know, running a startup is really hard. Even though you have just about no money and time your users believe you should have products that are high quality, always on and available on every platform. Of course this is miraculous magical thinking, but they actually are very justified in their expectations because when it comes down to it people shouldn't care that a product is backed by billions or thousands, they should just know that they are delighted.

We know that we have to make our products available to more people if we are successful, and that's why we have decided to look at platforms and programming that lets us reach the most amount of people with high mobile interactivity, with as little platform specific programming as possible. Its an insane problem on how can support multiple mobile platforms Java, ObjectiveC, hustle on both the Apple and Android fronts and be agile to respond to your user's desires with a limited budget.

That's why when we wanted to allow iPhone users to become part of our rating community we decided to create an HTML5 client for RateCred using Sencha Touch, and to begin to gauge if our users are willing to use HTML based applications that are custom built for mobile.

By going to HTML5 we have the potential to provide coverage to our client side development efforts across Android, iPhone, iPad and web rating capabilities. If our users like this approach it will allow us to focus on creating a better application for our uses instead of managing features across multiple platforms.

So the nay sayers will claim "People want native apps, they want an icon, and they don't use web browsers on their phone", well that may be the case now, but we are looking towards the future and we think the future is highly interactive mobile centric HTML5.

If our users tell us we are wrong we will correct, but until then we will go with our instincts.

Look for our HTML5 client to be available for bleeding edgers in early January.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Release 0.8.37 Web & Android Available

Business Services is Live!

We love small businesses, its is the spirit of Entrepreneurship that we *honestly* admire and respect. Heck, we are trying to start a business too so we want to help businesses reach out to their customers and know how they are perceived by their customers.

That's why we really wanted to push our Business Services product. Our first goal: make it easy and affordable for any business to have a loyalty program. Our Second: provide a way for businesses to manage relationships with those customers. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

As you can tell we are super excited about this. We have many challenges getting the word out, and we are going to be launching an affiliate program of our own very soon, most likely reaching out to our rating community, and growing our SEO profile help small businesses make stronger relationships with their customers.

If you know a business that would like us to waive fees for one year we are looking for applicants to one of our events in San Diego, Los Angeles, or The Bay Area. Just sign up here:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Flyby Demo

We had a great time going down to The Grand Tavern and having a drink in order to explain what RateCred does.

The Grand tavern makes some of the best old school cocktails in the east bay, its one of my favorite places to have pre prohibition cocktails. We are going to try the Reunion Cooler a delicious specialty cocktail of tequila, muddled pineapple, and pink peppercorns on the rocks. Yay.

Ratecred makes sharing your opinions about the places you visit a game with rewards. Our location based system gives you a simple and quick way to find and rate any local business, share with your friends using twitter, and earn credit and special offers for your expertise.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

0.8.36 Open Beta Available!

We are really excited to announce that we have just gone Open Beta with v0.8.36 on both Android Market and our website. This means that we will start taking on more users, it DOES NOT mean we think we are anything close to being the quality we would like. That's why its not a "release".

Thanks again to the testers, you have been so helpful and given us really helpful feedback. You are now ready to be a part of any Valley Startup! @DeepSouthM3 @Quiksand @FWFUTAH @mirmie02 (and more) all were awesome and crucial to getting here.

So there is no fancy party, we have vowed that there will be no party until we earn enough money to pay for it. But we are getting there, and when we have enough for a party it will be SWEET!

We didn't get as many responses as we would like from the survey, but we had enough to feel like its time to move forward. Here is why we think we are ready:

  • Xochi Lives! - We now have a real inference engine to drive both the game mechanics and the matching of users to the best offers possible. The implications of this have just begin.
  • Better Location - The reports of location issues caused us to re-implement our location services, with tons of field testing we think its a lot better.
  • More Stable - Haven't had one FC report in a week, which means that stability has for most people is way better.
Hopefully this is just the start, we have big plans and hope you are part of it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Android Client 0.8.35 on Market

Well hopefully we are on the home stretch to open this up to an open beta. We will be honest, its been hard, but all of you have been so great and helpful in making this product better. Now we need to take it to the next step. We are not ready quite yet, and we definitely wont go there unless you think we should, so we are going to mail out a survey to the beta group and see if you will agree that we are ready.

What did we fix in 0.8.35?
  • Signup Crashes if in Landscape Mode - There is still some weirdness when you authorize into the application for the first time using twitter, but at least it does not crash. If you don't get the auth the first time click the button again.
  • Some Network Actions Fail or Time Out - There were some things I was missing on the server side that caused first time users to get BOO screens on cred and timeline the first time.
  • Black Screen on Startup - You will notice a page with a rotating progress on startup, basically there is a twitter check on startup that takes a little time, just hang in there. We think this is better than showing a black screen which confuses people.
  • Screen History Behaviors - Hitting back button had strange behaviors occasionally, generally we try to take people back to splash now if possible.
  • Numerous FC Fixes - Your crash reports helped us again!
Hopefully on this release users will feel like the stability of the app is improving, one thing we have not fixed yet that we want to fix before we go to open is that location can sometimes think you are in the previous place, we included a refresh button so you can force this until we get it just right.

Survey should go out Sat, if we get enough results we will release 0.8.36 open beta on Sun.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is our plan?

Planning is Guessing

So we have a plan but we have to admit, making plans for its own sake is a mistake. Yes we want to let people know what to expect, but we also don't want to release the product into the wild until some basic stuff is in place and the whole thing works together. So here is what we are thinking about how this will happen over the next few months. Basically we reserve the freedom to edit this posting liberally. If you want updates make sure to follow us, subscribe to our beta mailing list, or subscribe to our blog. This is the plan so far:
  1. Strengthen our award system, game play, offers and our affiliate links on the website. We need a business model that will scale if this is quickly successful.
  2. Build up infrastructure to support thousands of simultaneous users. We are pretty sure our architecture is strong, we just need to build up our cloud a little.
  3. Provide an HTML5 mobile client so iPhone users can play also.
  4. Resolve mobile and API issues. There ares some important issues we are finding through our testing. More testing should shake these out.
  5. Business sign up.
  6. Administration tools.
UPDATE 11/23/2010

Business services available, we have also built scalability up so performance should be improved.

Things We Are Planning
  • Business Services DONE!
  • HTML5 Mobile Web Client
  • Foursquare Checkins
  • Improved Offers
  • Better Game Mechanics
Open Beta Versions
Android Client 0.8.37
Website 0.8.37

Monday, October 18, 2010

RateCred 0.8.34 on Android Market

Enhancements and Fixes in 0.8.34
Improved Rating Layout - The layout on the rating screen seems to look much better we think
Activity Lifecycle Improvements - Did it seem like the wrong activity always was there when you hit the back button? Yes this is better.
Better Location & Add Place Behaviors - When you went to the location screen commonly you would have to force it to research, there is now a refresh menu item and adding locations is a little easier.


We now have offers!
We have teamed up with PepperJam Network and Commission Junction to bring you great offers as part of our awards system. Earning the cred is its own reward right? Your friends learn that you are knowledgeable about the places in in your zone of influence, and the places you love know what you think of their businesses!

That is just the beginning. We are starting by integrating great offers as a reward for playing the game, and as we bring more partners into our network the quality of the rewards will increase. Over the next months we are going to be working hard to make sure the offers we provide are high value and the kind of stuff you will really want so that playing the game isnt just a bunch of fun, its also "rewarding".

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beta Testers In Action!

Beta Testers Rock!

Here we have a fine example of a beta tester! As you can see here @zkfoster is finding bugs we didn't even know existed! We hereby call the bug he found zack01 and vow to destroy it by the next release in his honor!

Here are some simple things to remember:

1. We really appreciate what the beta testers are doing, we know you suffer from FCs but we went down from 13 last week to just one with your help. Please file crash reports, it how we fixed them.

2. We are having a lot of fun interacting with you, so we would love to hear more. What YAYs and BOOs do you think will make our product better? What can we do to improve? How can the game be more fun? You are the best product manager we can have.

3. The "beta" award is not that cool yet, but it will be a little cooler soon. So hang in there.

4. Make sure to set RateCred as "auto update" in market, then you dont have to do anything to get new versions (which are pretty often until we get these bugs fixed)

Thanks to the testers!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Congrats Beta Testers

Bask in glory! You have earned it!

We are really happy that we can finally show appreciation for all the hard work and effort you have given in helping us make the application better! So far we have fixed 13 FCs because of user testing and this week we were down to one FC from 12 the previous week. YAY! We are going to be sending out an exclusive "Beta" award to all registered testers over the next week, and hopefully we will have a special offer that you can use as we roll out the award offer functionality over the next two weeks. Stay tuned!

RateCred 0.8.33 now available on Android Market

To get the new custom awards functionality you will need to download the 0.8.33 version on Android Market. Make sure to set the application to "auto update" so you get the latest version.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

RateCred v0.8.32 on Android Market

Just published RateCred v0.8.32 on Android Market. This should reduce the number of FCs. Submit crash reports. They help! Auto update too. Make sure to turn auto update on in Android Market.

A number of things have been done to reduce the number of FCs, most of them came from the Crash Reports beta testers submitted during their testing. Many errors happen because there is a network problem, and no results come back. But there are other errors that I have worked to fix. When you turn update on in Android Market you will get the latest updated versions that reduce FCs, and provide you with fixes immediately. 
1. Black Screen Startup - we were checking the twitter auth prior to starting up the main activity, instead we now assume that all is well with twitter credentials if you have logged in prior. Pros: no long waiting every time your app starts. Cons: If you ever change your auth settings you will get errors until you log out and log back in.
2. Network Errors - If your network connectivity was bad you could easily get an FC, now we put up a Boo alert and tell you that is why it is happening.
3. Images - Caching is helping but I have noticed its not perfect yet. Rather you have better now than perfect later.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fixes For Beta 20100303

Thanks to all the testers for working with us all day. Here's what we fixed today with your help:
  • mossbeep profile does not have proper profile pictures
  •, tos
  • timeline not showing up
  • problems with city, state for ratings [I just gave cred to @CPClemens for rating Jines Restaurant null, null @ratecred]
  • compliments not getting converted at transfer
  • Rating lists based on category can cause FC

Saturday, October 2, 2010

RateCred goes Beta!

RateCred BETA Now Available on Android Market

We are really excited to announce that the BETA testers have availability for the next generation in rating technology from Sightly Inc. RateCred! Just search "ratecred" on android market. If you are reading this on an android phone click here.

The beta is not perfect yet, we really need your help to get it there. It is way more fun to use now with Twitter integration, better game mechanics, a new design, better awards and more!

Let's Answer Some Questions...

What will happen to service tattler?
We are very proud of service tattler, but we will be ending support for within the next month. Starting October 1st 2010, all user "tattles" have been converted to "ratings" at

What happens to my tattles?
We converted them to ratings, you will keep all your content but you will need to convert your account by signing in with twitter. To convert your account just sign into our website and click "sign in with twitter", then goto your user home. If your servicetattler username is the same as your twitter account name you will be converted immediately. If your account name was different you will sign in to our website with your twitter id and then you can convert your ratings at your user home.

Why do I need a twitter account?
RateCred leverages the power of the twitter api to allow you to easily share your experiences with your friends. This is a new paradigm for our site. Having a twitter account makes it easier for you to sign up safely too.

My friends want to test!
Great! But there is a limited number of spots available so please dont tell anyone but your real friends. If you are a servicetattler user email me and I will try to make room for you.

I am still having problems.
We are very sorry, this is a BETA. We do want to help you because knowing what you think and what your experiencing with our products is super important to us. If you have any issues, questions, etc. we really want to hear from you so follow us on twitter @ratecred, send us feedback or email me. I really want to help!

Welcome to RateCred!

Clay Graham

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vote on BOO Restaurant Items

What things do you dislike when you go out for a dinner or to a club? I am creating a list of things I think suck when I go to Restaurants, Bars and Clubs. What do you think are Boo items to have happen? Top entries will end up in the ratecred product. Vote Now!

Here are some of the ones we have thought of so far, help us make a better list!

  • Host is arrogant punk
  • Insane line or wait time
  • Drinks served after appetizer
  • Bartender served hipsters first
  • Kept change as tip
Boo Items Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Field Testing at Nomad

Well the life of field testing is thankless so of course I have to wash it down with a cold Bison brew. I may have to work two jobs but I least I don't get a black eye doing either job.

Found some really good bugs that just would not have popped up if I had not gone out in the RL, about 5 big bugs in two days of field testing.

Field testing actually is fun, I get to see all the weird behaviors I never thought would happen... happen. That's the interesting truth about writing code, it doesn't always act as expected.

I am also getting to try a few great local wifi cafe's as I test what an interesting concept the wifi cafe is, I guess everyone doesn't have broadband, or are they here for the company?

I am sure that this is the right way to go. My excursions into the real world will hopefully make my user's experiences with my product better!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

YAY RateCred Lives!


Well this isn't a launch, it is a milestone. While we are not going to make available to our beta users yet, we have a test instance available that will refresh nightly. Right now we are refreshing from data.

What will happen in the next couple of weeks is we will be testing a messaging approach that will send servicetattler tattles to ratecred, this will continue for one month exactly while we try to inform our user base that service tattler will be ending soon.

Here is what will be in place when the cutoff happens.

1. Our application will be on android market.
2. Beta users will have migrated and voted by majority to promote the application.
3. A general availability email will be sent out explaining how to migrate from to

We hope this is helpful, if there is anything else you can think of that we should do help prepare for the switch please contact us.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Working out the kinks

Well here comes the slogging. Quality Assurance is one of those thankless tasks that every user benefits from. The polish, the finish, all come from countless hours of using the product in every way possible.

We are "feature complete" that means that all the core development work is done, but its an 80/20 thing, 20 percent of the improvement to the application will take 80 percent effort. That's where we are now.

We are testing everything we can, but since we are so limited in resources we may miss some stuff. That's why its so important that you help us.

We are hoping to make our first private beta available October 1, 2010 where or group of 50 elite testers will begin making our lives a frenzy.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feature Complete on RateCred 0.8.0

I am very happy to announce that we are now feature complete with RateCred 0.8.0, which means that a beta server will be up and running within the next two weeks.

Our 0.8.0 version of RateCred is a little rough, and to be honest we are just now starting to test it in the field so we wont be able to make it generally available until we have some of our elite users give us the ok. Our bleeding edge super users will be able to test the application, and download a super secret early release to give us feedback before we release it into the wild.

This version is a giant improvement from, in fact we have re-built the entire product to make it easier to sign up, use, and share you ratings with you friends. We are going international ya'll! Here are some of the basics improvements:
  •  Twitter Integration - Timelines, Friends from twitter, and automatic posting for both rating and compliment.
  • Better Game Mechanics - We have improved the game mechanics and made them more fun to share with your friends.
  • Convert Your ServiceTattler Accounts To RateCred - Keep all your servicetattler cred in the new version by converting your account.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why are we moving to twitter?

There are a lot of changes coming as part of the transition from to coming, and we are going to try to explain all of them! We are currently in the process of moving ratecred over to a 100% twitter integration with twitter status updates, follow relationships, and twitter places points of interest (POI). This means that we will soon require that you have a twitter account to use ratecred. Because this is a pretty significant change for us we thought we may want to explain a little. Some of the benefits of the change include:
  • Easier Signup and Login - By allowing users to use their twitter accounts to be verified as a real user (using the secure and open OAuth standard), becoming a user will much easier. No more emails or uploads.
  • Better Social Aspects - By leveraging twitter's relationships users can just follow people they are interested in and they will automatically become part of ratecred ecosystem, no new social network to maintain or manage.
  • Lightweight - Just like twitter, ratecred is built for mobile, that means its light and easy to use but powerful.  
  • International Support - Twitter places is supported in 66 countries, although there is signifigant coverage for points of interest outside the US, we are proud to announce that our users will be part of the project to add new places to that directory.
We hope that these changes will make our product better, help you share your experiences and your opinions with your friends using twitter, and will help us grow the community. 


Monday, May 31, 2010

Update on Pygmailion

Latest News on Beta

We are working hard to make the first beta available, and while we don't have a specific date for availability yet we are very close. What we are trying to do is line up some businesses who will provide offers as part of the program so that we can properly test the consumer to business experience as part of the program, so until we have enough businesses and consumers to play the game we are going to wait. Hang in there though!

If you know a business that would like to participate in this revolutionary program please tell them about us, we will make sure it is worth their effort. If you do know a business that would be interested in partcipating in our beta please send them here.

Watch our new commercial!

OK, its not on TV or anything, but its on You-Tube! It walks through the android version of the beta and talks about how we are doing offers and awards. Its a great way to learn a little about Pygmalion without actually being able to download it. Watch it now on You-Tube

Public API coming

If you are a developer and have an idea on how to integrate tattles into your application we would love to talk to you. We use XML based RESTful web services, and if you know a little about web development its easy to use. If you are interested becoming a developer just email

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beta Signup Now Available

Limited Beta Now Available!

Since you are a old school tattler we wanted to offer a first chance at being included in our limited beta. We are currently only accepting applications for the limited beta for our consumers, that's because we want to make sure that you have a chance to participate in shaping the future of Service Tattler. If you choose to be part of this pioneering effort you will have  a unique chance to make a difference and influence the community.

Receive Rewards

You are an expert who is helping businesses improve their products. Be rewarded for sharing your experiences with others. Businesses benefit from your feedback so why shouldn't you receive recognition? You have a relationship with your favorite businesses.

Participate in Events

As a contributor to our future you will have an opportunity to take part in local "Beta Tattler Crawl" events in your area with local businesses. Make sure to tell your friends to sign up so we can plan an event in your area. These events will be a crafted to be super fun with food and drink where you get a chance to use our products before anybody else, and start a direct relationship with businesses that participate with our program. Why shouldn't you receive special treatment?

Check out our new beta site!

We just made our beta site available check it out and tell use what you think. We really need your help shaping out products and would love for you a and your friends to be a part of our beta program.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gearing Up for Pygmalion

The codename for the relaunch of servicetattler is "Pygmalion". Pygmalion was a Cypriot sculptor who carved a woman out of ivory. According to Ovid, after seeing the Propoetides prostituting themselves, he was ‘not interested in women’, but his statue was so realistic that he fell in love with it. He offered the statue gifts and eventually prayed to Venus (Aphrodite). She took sympathy with him and brought the statue to life. —wikipedia

LBS has really heated up, and we think we are on to something big, because we are going to allow businesses to give special offers directly to their best customers. You can always opt out, but we think that what facebook did for friends we can do for businesses and customers by giving them access to customer sentiment in the real world in real time, and then providing a way for the two to improve their relationship over time.

So we are creating tools that let businesses track that sentiment, and if they are screwing up, they get instant feedback on when and where it happens. If they are doing good, they can use our service to reward their best customers. Like a frequent flier program, but for the small businesses. More to come soon.

We are trying to do some things to take advantage of cloud computing architecture, loose coupling, EC2 scalability, rolling releases, and ETL as a way to insulate schema changes from release to release.

We plan to use this staging area as a place for us to test the new application base to both our consumers and businesses. More to come on this in the next couple of weeks, but to give a hint we plan to create an opportunity for people to have fun tattling with each other in groups to test the new software, and hopefully get free stuff for doing it.

Hopefully this approach will result in long term flexibility and a great customer experience. Which really is the goal.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Website Design!

Ready for a new website? We are very proud to announce that we are currently working on integrating our new website design paradigm.

Its not going to happen right away, we really care about design at servicetattler so we want to do it right. That means we are going to be busy, but not rushed, in bringing this design to you the users. So don't ask for a date, it will be coming soon we promise.  This is just a taste.

This new design means alot of things, it means we are starting to think about an iPhone client (another thing we want to do right). All this points to a relaunch, which will include our business services as well. We are almost ready to call ourselves 1.0.

We are seeing some really interesting things starting to develop in  mobile location based services, and we plan to be one of them.  Hope you are a part it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ode to Quiksand

Quiksand I dub thee Duke of Tattler. Your epic tattles telling the tales of Chik-Fil-A are equaled by no one. You are truly *awesome*.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Updates and Initiatives 2010_03_06

Sorry I haven't been able to post in a while, basically I have been juggling chainsaws once a gain and got a little out of the flow. We wanted to provide an update on what is happening lately and what we are working on.

1. Tattler Rewards - We wanted to reward some of our best members of the community who have participated in making servicetattler a better place to be. These are the "friends of tattler" we so often talk about @quiksand, @nomo4me, @ewbrophy, @thedroidguy all received gift cards to restaurants they tattled on for helping advise us on where the consumer product should go, thanks so much and we hope you enjoyed! In the future we are trying to work with the businesses you love to provide simillar awards, so keep on tattling it may result in rewards.

2. Business Product - Since we are a micro startup we have to prioritize what we work on, that means when we have a new initiative that's all we do. We use SCRUM processes at servicetattler, so we have one feature we will be iterating on while we work it out. This is the business product, and while we cant go into too much detail, it basically is the other side of the coin on what we are doing at servicetattler. Keep an eye open over the next 4 weeks we plan to launch a preliminary version by the beginning of April.

3. Client Improvements  - We are hoping we are going to be changing the slider bar behavior and making twitter posts a preference option instead of a pop-up in the next week. 

If you are reading this that means you care, please help us grow by tweeting about us, blogging about us, telling your friends. We are micro and need help from our friends to succeed. You can also follow us or be a fan.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Android Client Released

Its on marketplace and it has a new, simpler approach to tattling and the ability to search venues.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scores Week Ending Feb 7 2010

1 claytantor 1,385
2 sgraham 380
3 quiksand 370
4 ewbrophy 285
5 thedroidguy 245
6 irishsniper 235
7 rain411 165
8 sdesmond 150
9 eesiv 140
10 nmv5985 135

Here are the scores for the week. Looks like the core group maintained their positions on the network. @quiksand has discovered that Mickey Ds is now presenting 50 piece platters and is willing to wait an HOUR to get them. Now he really deserves some type of comp from them IMHO. @sgraham has been sure and steady and managed to have a Belgian pub throw down at Luca's. I also want to thank @thedroidguy for more kind tweets...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Threading The Needle

So as promised we are trying to do some work towards making the user experience better. One of those things is improving the "threading" of the application. That basically means to create background activities for some of the things that make the application block and feel laggy.

So we just released v0.6.6.25, and hopefully this is the first in many small improvements over the next three weeks to make your experience better. There is a lot of technical details we would love to talk about, but it doesn't really matter if your experience isn't improved.

So here is what we expect...

Black screen from network latency shouldnt happen as much, true? When viewing the leaderboad we made image loading backgrounded, is this better?

tell us

UPDATE: Feb 6, 2010

We added even more threading in to make the avatar chooser and the compliments screen better. Hope this helps.

Twitter Follow Growth

We have had a bunch of new followers on twitter, which we are really happy about.

If you are a servicetattler user you really should follow us. Its a great way to get up to the minute updates on whats happening on the tattler network.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scores Week Ending Jan 31 2010

We have a ton of new tattlers this week, so we are hoping all of you will get a profile pick up so people can know what you look like, unless you prefer the incognito look.

@quicksand has been catching up on @sgraham and just passed @ewbrophy, who I think should exchange burrito info in FL because they both know the best places to go. We have alot of FL users, dont know exactly why.

I want to thank @thedroidguy for his kind tweets:

@servicetattler makes @thedroidguy list of top 5 #android apps for the week

Finally @irishsniper seems to consistently inch his way up the leaderboard.

Friday, January 29, 2010

More Better

So I just went out tonight and didn't have a horrible servicetattler experience but it wasn't awesome either. I think most of the problems are associated with network latency but I think there is more we can do to make the user feel like the application isnt hung up ie. "the black screen".

Its difficult to balance the quality of experience with features available, I guess its the balance between getting new users and loosing existing ones, but I don't want to loose you people, its too fun to have you around!

So for a little time (about 2-3 weeks) I wont have any new features, I will just try to make the features I already have... better.

What do you think about this? tell us

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scores Week Ending Jan 23 2010

Looks like some of you tattlers were right, our scores we off in some places. We have spent some time getting a score reconciliation system together and you will probably see it incorporated into the player profile page in the next week.

Last night we ran a reconciliation on the scores, so you may have seen some changes in your score. These scores represent correct calculations. Here is how we are scoring as of tonight:

Joining Network: 100
Tattling: 10
Compliment Sent: 5
Compliment Received: 5

Scores Top 20 Week Ending Jan 23 2010

Thanks for playing!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tattler Tattle 20090122

Want to shout out to a few tattlers who have been so great and have created incredible tattles, first @quicksand who has won the Hemmingway award, also @rain411 representing Chicagoland, and finally our old friend @ewbrophy near Orlando.

A few things we think should be in 0.6.6...

Foursquare Checkins
We love what @foursquare is doing and we feel like its totally complimentary to our mission, so over the next month we are planning a push to make a number of improvements related to @foursquare integration, both in our client app, and on the website. We have started with @foursquare check-ins which will be available in the version of the client. This is just the beginning.

Scoring Reconciliation
Hey all we found out that scoring needs a little reconciliation, in fact we are thinking that the ability to actually see the specific audit trail for the score is something we want to provide, we may just make sure everybody score is right first, which is isnt, so expect some people to change position in the leader board when that happens.

Tattle Improvements
There needs to be a readjustment in the criteria for tattling, really the yays
and boos should be additive and subtractive from the base opinion, also the
base opinion should be on the publish page. Finally tip basis should have min
and max values.

agree? disagree? feel free to send feedback to

Sunday, January 17, 2010 Android Client Patch

Bug 182
Summary: Login dialog should be dismiss
Product: sightlyinc-tattler-android-service
Reporter: Clay Graham
Severity: major CC:
Priority: P1
Version: 0.6.5
Hardware: HTC G1
OS: android

Description From Clay Graham 2010-01-17 21:25:10

Currently the login dialog is popping up when the activity lifecycle resumes.
This is causing the login dialog to pop back up even though the user is logged
in. This is annoying.

------- Comment #1 From Clay Graham 2010-01-17 21:36:00 -------

This really will need to be tested in the field, it happens because of
application lifecycle with long time periods.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

v0.6.5 alpha client now on android market

We are really happy to announce that we have successfully promoted the new version of our android client to release on android market. This release has a ton of new features that we hope our users will love. Local search with check ins, scoring, awards, real user accounts, and even a community feature we call compliments.

We have re-aligned the application because we were having problems with the old packaging name working with some of our future goals, so we re-released. That means if you are a legacy user you will want to do the following:

1. go to preferences and write down your username and password.
2. uninstall the old version
3. goto android market and search for Service Tattler. (you dont want the legacy version)
4. download the new version of Service Tattler
5. use your user name and password as Existing User

From that oint on we hope you will join the tattler network and become a part of our community.

I want to give a special thanks to some of our active testers @thedroidguy, @TattierPub, @okcnyyfan, @Quiksand. All the testers helped make this a better release and are truly friends of tattler.

As always please feel free to provide feedback, we cant do this without your help.