Friday, January 22, 2010

Tattler Tattle 20090122

Want to shout out to a few tattlers who have been so great and have created incredible tattles, first @quicksand who has won the Hemmingway award, also @rain411 representing Chicagoland, and finally our old friend @ewbrophy near Orlando.

A few things we think should be in 0.6.6...

Foursquare Checkins
We love what @foursquare is doing and we feel like its totally complimentary to our mission, so over the next month we are planning a push to make a number of improvements related to @foursquare integration, both in our client app, and on the website. We have started with @foursquare check-ins which will be available in the version of the client. This is just the beginning.

Scoring Reconciliation
Hey all we found out that scoring needs a little reconciliation, in fact we are thinking that the ability to actually see the specific audit trail for the score is something we want to provide, we may just make sure everybody score is right first, which is isnt, so expect some people to change position in the leader board when that happens.

Tattle Improvements
There needs to be a readjustment in the criteria for tattling, really the yays
and boos should be additive and subtractive from the base opinion, also the
base opinion should be on the publish page. Finally tip basis should have min
and max values.

agree? disagree? feel free to send feedback to

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