Saturday, January 16, 2010

v0.6.5 alpha client now on android market

We are really happy to announce that we have successfully promoted the new version of our android client to release on android market. This release has a ton of new features that we hope our users will love. Local search with check ins, scoring, awards, real user accounts, and even a community feature we call compliments.

We have re-aligned the application because we were having problems with the old packaging name working with some of our future goals, so we re-released. That means if you are a legacy user you will want to do the following:

1. go to preferences and write down your username and password.
2. uninstall the old version
3. goto android market and search for Service Tattler. (you dont want the legacy version)
4. download the new version of Service Tattler
5. use your user name and password as Existing User

From that oint on we hope you will join the tattler network and become a part of our community.

I want to give a special thanks to some of our active testers @thedroidguy, @TattierPub, @okcnyyfan, @Quiksand. All the testers helped make this a better release and are truly friends of tattler.

As always please feel free to provide feedback, we cant do this without your help.

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