Monday, February 1, 2010

Threading The Needle

So as promised we are trying to do some work towards making the user experience better. One of those things is improving the "threading" of the application. That basically means to create background activities for some of the things that make the application block and feel laggy.

So we just released v0.6.6.25, and hopefully this is the first in many small improvements over the next three weeks to make your experience better. There is a lot of technical details we would love to talk about, but it doesn't really matter if your experience isn't improved.

So here is what we expect...

Black screen from network latency shouldnt happen as much, true? When viewing the leaderboad we made image loading backgrounded, is this better?

tell us

UPDATE: Feb 6, 2010

We added even more threading in to make the avatar chooser and the compliments screen better. Hope this helps.

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