Saturday, March 6, 2010

Updates and Initiatives 2010_03_06

Sorry I haven't been able to post in a while, basically I have been juggling chainsaws once a gain and got a little out of the flow. We wanted to provide an update on what is happening lately and what we are working on.

1. Tattler Rewards - We wanted to reward some of our best members of the community who have participated in making servicetattler a better place to be. These are the "friends of tattler" we so often talk about @quiksand, @nomo4me, @ewbrophy, @thedroidguy all received gift cards to restaurants they tattled on for helping advise us on where the consumer product should go, thanks so much and we hope you enjoyed! In the future we are trying to work with the businesses you love to provide simillar awards, so keep on tattling it may result in rewards.

2. Business Product - Since we are a micro startup we have to prioritize what we work on, that means when we have a new initiative that's all we do. We use SCRUM processes at servicetattler, so we have one feature we will be iterating on while we work it out. This is the business product, and while we cant go into too much detail, it basically is the other side of the coin on what we are doing at servicetattler. Keep an eye open over the next 4 weeks we plan to launch a preliminary version by the beginning of April.

3. Client Improvements  - We are hoping we are going to be changing the slider bar behavior and making twitter posts a preference option instead of a pop-up in the next week. 

If you are reading this that means you care, please help us grow by tweeting about us, blogging about us, telling your friends. We are micro and need help from our friends to succeed. You can also follow us or be a fan.

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