Monday, May 31, 2010

Update on Pygmailion

Latest News on Beta

We are working hard to make the first beta available, and while we don't have a specific date for availability yet we are very close. What we are trying to do is line up some businesses who will provide offers as part of the program so that we can properly test the consumer to business experience as part of the program, so until we have enough businesses and consumers to play the game we are going to wait. Hang in there though!

If you know a business that would like to participate in this revolutionary program please tell them about us, we will make sure it is worth their effort. If you do know a business that would be interested in partcipating in our beta please send them here.

Watch our new commercial!

OK, its not on TV or anything, but its on You-Tube! It walks through the android version of the beta and talks about how we are doing offers and awards. Its a great way to learn a little about Pygmalion without actually being able to download it. Watch it now on You-Tube

Public API coming

If you are a developer and have an idea on how to integrate tattles into your application we would love to talk to you. We use XML based RESTful web services, and if you know a little about web development its easy to use. If you are interested becoming a developer just email

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beta Signup Now Available

Limited Beta Now Available!

Since you are a old school tattler we wanted to offer a first chance at being included in our limited beta. We are currently only accepting applications for the limited beta for our consumers, that's because we want to make sure that you have a chance to participate in shaping the future of Service Tattler. If you choose to be part of this pioneering effort you will have  a unique chance to make a difference and influence the community.

Receive Rewards

You are an expert who is helping businesses improve their products. Be rewarded for sharing your experiences with others. Businesses benefit from your feedback so why shouldn't you receive recognition? You have a relationship with your favorite businesses.

Participate in Events

As a contributor to our future you will have an opportunity to take part in local "Beta Tattler Crawl" events in your area with local businesses. Make sure to tell your friends to sign up so we can plan an event in your area. These events will be a crafted to be super fun with food and drink where you get a chance to use our products before anybody else, and start a direct relationship with businesses that participate with our program. Why shouldn't you receive special treatment?

Check out our new beta site!

We just made our beta site available check it out and tell use what you think. We really need your help shaping out products and would love for you a and your friends to be a part of our beta program.