Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why are we moving to twitter?

There are a lot of changes coming as part of the transition from to coming, and we are going to try to explain all of them! We are currently in the process of moving ratecred over to a 100% twitter integration with twitter status updates, follow relationships, and twitter places points of interest (POI). This means that we will soon require that you have a twitter account to use ratecred. Because this is a pretty significant change for us we thought we may want to explain a little. Some of the benefits of the change include:
  • Easier Signup and Login - By allowing users to use their twitter accounts to be verified as a real user (using the secure and open OAuth standard), becoming a user will much easier. No more emails or uploads.
  • Better Social Aspects - By leveraging twitter's relationships users can just follow people they are interested in and they will automatically become part of ratecred ecosystem, no new social network to maintain or manage.
  • Lightweight - Just like twitter, ratecred is built for mobile, that means its light and easy to use but powerful.  
  • International Support - Twitter places is supported in 66 countries, although there is signifigant coverage for points of interest outside the US, we are proud to announce that our users will be part of the project to add new places to that directory.
We hope that these changes will make our product better, help you share your experiences and your opinions with your friends using twitter, and will help us grow the community.