Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feature Complete on RateCred 0.8.0

I am very happy to announce that we are now feature complete with RateCred 0.8.0, which means that a beta server will be up and running within the next two weeks.

Our 0.8.0 version of RateCred is a little rough, and to be honest we are just now starting to test it in the field so we wont be able to make it generally available until we have some of our elite users give us the ok. Our bleeding edge super users will be able to test the application, and download a super secret early release to give us feedback before we release it into the wild.

This version is a giant improvement from, in fact we have re-built the entire product to make it easier to sign up, use, and share you ratings with you friends. We are going international ya'll! Here are some of the basics improvements:
  •  Twitter Integration - Timelines, Friends from twitter, and automatic posting for both rating and compliment.
  • Better Game Mechanics - We have improved the game mechanics and made them more fun to share with your friends.
  • Convert Your ServiceTattler Accounts To RateCred - Keep all your servicetattler cred in the new version by converting your account.

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