Thursday, September 23, 2010

Field Testing at Nomad

Well the life of field testing is thankless so of course I have to wash it down with a cold Bison brew. I may have to work two jobs but I least I don't get a black eye doing either job.

Found some really good bugs that just would not have popped up if I had not gone out in the RL, about 5 big bugs in two days of field testing.

Field testing actually is fun, I get to see all the weird behaviors I never thought would happen... happen. That's the interesting truth about writing code, it doesn't always act as expected.

I am also getting to try a few great local wifi cafe's as I test what an interesting concept the wifi cafe is, I guess everyone doesn't have broadband, or are they here for the company?

I am sure that this is the right way to go. My excursions into the real world will hopefully make my user's experiences with my product better!

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