Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is our plan?

Planning is Guessing

So we have a plan but we have to admit, making plans for its own sake is a mistake. Yes we want to let people know what to expect, but we also don't want to release the product into the wild until some basic stuff is in place and the whole thing works together. So here is what we are thinking about how this will happen over the next few months. Basically we reserve the freedom to edit this posting liberally. If you want updates make sure to follow us, subscribe to our beta mailing list, or subscribe to our blog. This is the plan so far:
  1. Strengthen our award system, game play, offers and our affiliate links on the website. We need a business model that will scale if this is quickly successful.
  2. Build up infrastructure to support thousands of simultaneous users. We are pretty sure our architecture is strong, we just need to build up our cloud a little.
  3. Provide an HTML5 mobile client so iPhone users can play also.
  4. Resolve mobile and API issues. There ares some important issues we are finding through our testing. More testing should shake these out.
  5. Business sign up.
  6. Administration tools.
UPDATE 11/23/2010

Business services available, we have also built scalability up so performance should be improved.

Things We Are Planning
  • Business Services DONE!
  • HTML5 Mobile Web Client
  • Foursquare Checkins
  • Improved Offers
  • Better Game Mechanics
Open Beta Versions
Android Client 0.8.37
Website 0.8.37

Monday, October 18, 2010

RateCred 0.8.34 on Android Market

Enhancements and Fixes in 0.8.34
Improved Rating Layout - The layout on the rating screen seems to look much better we think
Activity Lifecycle Improvements - Did it seem like the wrong activity always was there when you hit the back button? Yes this is better.
Better Location & Add Place Behaviors - When you went to the location screen commonly you would have to force it to research, there is now a refresh menu item and adding locations is a little easier.


We now have offers!
We have teamed up with PepperJam Network and Commission Junction to bring you great offers as part of our awards system. Earning the cred is its own reward right? Your friends learn that you are knowledgeable about the places in in your zone of influence, and the places you love know what you think of their businesses!

That is just the beginning. We are starting by integrating great offers as a reward for playing the game, and as we bring more partners into our network the quality of the rewards will increase. Over the next months we are going to be working hard to make sure the offers we provide are high value and the kind of stuff you will really want so that playing the game isnt just a bunch of fun, its also "rewarding".

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beta Testers In Action!

Beta Testers Rock!

Here we have a fine example of a beta tester! As you can see here @zkfoster is finding bugs we didn't even know existed! We hereby call the bug he found zack01 and vow to destroy it by the next release in his honor!

Here are some simple things to remember:

1. We really appreciate what the beta testers are doing, we know you suffer from FCs but we went down from 13 last week to just one with your help. Please file crash reports, it how we fixed them.

2. We are having a lot of fun interacting with you, so we would love to hear more. What YAYs and BOOs do you think will make our product better? What can we do to improve? How can the game be more fun? You are the best product manager we can have.

3. The "beta" award is not that cool yet, but it will be a little cooler soon. So hang in there.

4. Make sure to set RateCred as "auto update" in market, then you dont have to do anything to get new versions (which are pretty often until we get these bugs fixed)

Thanks to the testers!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Congrats Beta Testers

Bask in glory! You have earned it!

We are really happy that we can finally show appreciation for all the hard work and effort you have given in helping us make the application better! So far we have fixed 13 FCs because of user testing and this week we were down to one FC from 12 the previous week. YAY! We are going to be sending out an exclusive "Beta" award to all registered testers over the next week, and hopefully we will have a special offer that you can use as we roll out the award offer functionality over the next two weeks. Stay tuned!

RateCred 0.8.33 now available on Android Market

To get the new custom awards functionality you will need to download the 0.8.33 version on Android Market. Make sure to set the application to "auto update" so you get the latest version.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

RateCred v0.8.32 on Android Market

Just published RateCred v0.8.32 on Android Market. This should reduce the number of FCs. Submit crash reports. They help! Auto update too. Make sure to turn auto update on in Android Market.

A number of things have been done to reduce the number of FCs, most of them came from the Crash Reports beta testers submitted during their testing. Many errors happen because there is a network problem, and no results come back. But there are other errors that I have worked to fix. When you turn update on in Android Market you will get the latest updated versions that reduce FCs, and provide you with fixes immediately. 
1. Black Screen Startup - we were checking the twitter auth prior to starting up the main activity, instead we now assume that all is well with twitter credentials if you have logged in prior. Pros: no long waiting every time your app starts. Cons: If you ever change your auth settings you will get errors until you log out and log back in.
2. Network Errors - If your network connectivity was bad you could easily get an FC, now we put up a Boo alert and tell you that is why it is happening.
3. Images - Caching is helping but I have noticed its not perfect yet. Rather you have better now than perfect later.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fixes For Beta 20100303

Thanks to all the testers for working with us all day. Here's what we fixed today with your help:
  • mossbeep profile does not have proper profile pictures
  •, tos
  • timeline not showing up
  • problems with city, state for ratings [I just gave cred to @CPClemens for rating Jines Restaurant null, null @ratecred]
  • compliments not getting converted at transfer
  • Rating lists based on category can cause FC

Saturday, October 2, 2010

RateCred goes Beta!

RateCred BETA Now Available on Android Market

We are really excited to announce that the BETA testers have availability for the next generation in rating technology from Sightly Inc. RateCred! Just search "ratecred" on android market. If you are reading this on an android phone click here.

The beta is not perfect yet, we really need your help to get it there. It is way more fun to use now with Twitter integration, better game mechanics, a new design, better awards and more!

Let's Answer Some Questions...

What will happen to service tattler?
We are very proud of service tattler, but we will be ending support for within the next month. Starting October 1st 2010, all user "tattles" have been converted to "ratings" at

What happens to my tattles?
We converted them to ratings, you will keep all your content but you will need to convert your account by signing in with twitter. To convert your account just sign into our website and click "sign in with twitter", then goto your user home. If your servicetattler username is the same as your twitter account name you will be converted immediately. If your account name was different you will sign in to our website with your twitter id and then you can convert your ratings at your user home.

Why do I need a twitter account?
RateCred leverages the power of the twitter api to allow you to easily share your experiences with your friends. This is a new paradigm for our site. Having a twitter account makes it easier for you to sign up safely too.

My friends want to test!
Great! But there is a limited number of spots available so please dont tell anyone but your real friends. If you are a servicetattler user email me and I will try to make room for you.

I am still having problems.
We are very sorry, this is a BETA. We do want to help you because knowing what you think and what your experiencing with our products is super important to us. If you have any issues, questions, etc. we really want to hear from you so follow us on twitter @ratecred, send us feedback or email me. I really want to help!

Welcome to RateCred!

Clay Graham