Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beta Testers In Action!

Beta Testers Rock!

Here we have a fine example of a beta tester! As you can see here @zkfoster is finding bugs we didn't even know existed! We hereby call the bug he found zack01 and vow to destroy it by the next release in his honor!

Here are some simple things to remember:

1. We really appreciate what the beta testers are doing, we know you suffer from FCs but we went down from 13 last week to just one with your help. Please file crash reports, it how we fixed them.

2. We are having a lot of fun interacting with you, so we would love to hear more. What YAYs and BOOs do you think will make our product better? What can we do to improve? How can the game be more fun? You are the best product manager we can have.

3. The "beta" award is not that cool yet, but it will be a little cooler soon. So hang in there.

4. Make sure to set RateCred as "auto update" in market, then you dont have to do anything to get new versions (which are pretty often until we get these bugs fixed)

Thanks to the testers!

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