Monday, October 18, 2010

RateCred 0.8.34 on Android Market

Enhancements and Fixes in 0.8.34
Improved Rating Layout - The layout on the rating screen seems to look much better we think
Activity Lifecycle Improvements - Did it seem like the wrong activity always was there when you hit the back button? Yes this is better.
Better Location & Add Place Behaviors - When you went to the location screen commonly you would have to force it to research, there is now a refresh menu item and adding locations is a little easier.


We now have offers!
We have teamed up with PepperJam Network and Commission Junction to bring you great offers as part of our awards system. Earning the cred is its own reward right? Your friends learn that you are knowledgeable about the places in in your zone of influence, and the places you love know what you think of their businesses!

That is just the beginning. We are starting by integrating great offers as a reward for playing the game, and as we bring more partners into our network the quality of the rewards will increase. Over the next months we are going to be working hard to make sure the offers we provide are high value and the kind of stuff you will really want so that playing the game isnt just a bunch of fun, its also "rewarding".

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