Saturday, October 2, 2010

RateCred goes Beta!

RateCred BETA Now Available on Android Market

We are really excited to announce that the BETA testers have availability for the next generation in rating technology from Sightly Inc. RateCred! Just search "ratecred" on android market. If you are reading this on an android phone click here.

The beta is not perfect yet, we really need your help to get it there. It is way more fun to use now with Twitter integration, better game mechanics, a new design, better awards and more!

Let's Answer Some Questions...

What will happen to service tattler?
We are very proud of service tattler, but we will be ending support for within the next month. Starting October 1st 2010, all user "tattles" have been converted to "ratings" at

What happens to my tattles?
We converted them to ratings, you will keep all your content but you will need to convert your account by signing in with twitter. To convert your account just sign into our website and click "sign in with twitter", then goto your user home. If your servicetattler username is the same as your twitter account name you will be converted immediately. If your account name was different you will sign in to our website with your twitter id and then you can convert your ratings at your user home.

Why do I need a twitter account?
RateCred leverages the power of the twitter api to allow you to easily share your experiences with your friends. This is a new paradigm for our site. Having a twitter account makes it easier for you to sign up safely too.

My friends want to test!
Great! But there is a limited number of spots available so please dont tell anyone but your real friends. If you are a servicetattler user email me and I will try to make room for you.

I am still having problems.
We are very sorry, this is a BETA. We do want to help you because knowing what you think and what your experiencing with our products is super important to us. If you have any issues, questions, etc. we really want to hear from you so follow us on twitter @ratecred, send us feedback or email me. I really want to help!

Welcome to RateCred!

Clay Graham

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