Thursday, October 7, 2010

RateCred v0.8.32 on Android Market

Just published RateCred v0.8.32 on Android Market. This should reduce the number of FCs. Submit crash reports. They help! Auto update too. Make sure to turn auto update on in Android Market.

A number of things have been done to reduce the number of FCs, most of them came from the Crash Reports beta testers submitted during their testing. Many errors happen because there is a network problem, and no results come back. But there are other errors that I have worked to fix. When you turn update on in Android Market you will get the latest updated versions that reduce FCs, and provide you with fixes immediately. 
1. Black Screen Startup - we were checking the twitter auth prior to starting up the main activity, instead we now assume that all is well with twitter credentials if you have logged in prior. Pros: no long waiting every time your app starts. Cons: If you ever change your auth settings you will get errors until you log out and log back in.
2. Network Errors - If your network connectivity was bad you could easily get an FC, now we put up a Boo alert and tell you that is why it is happening.
3. Images - Caching is helping but I have noticed its not perfect yet. Rather you have better now than perfect later.

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