Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is our plan?

Planning is Guessing

So we have a plan but we have to admit, making plans for its own sake is a mistake. Yes we want to let people know what to expect, but we also don't want to release the product into the wild until some basic stuff is in place and the whole thing works together. So here is what we are thinking about how this will happen over the next few months. Basically we reserve the freedom to edit this posting liberally. If you want updates make sure to follow us, subscribe to our beta mailing list, or subscribe to our blog. This is the plan so far:
  1. Strengthen our award system, game play, offers and our affiliate links on the website. We need a business model that will scale if this is quickly successful.
  2. Build up infrastructure to support thousands of simultaneous users. We are pretty sure our architecture is strong, we just need to build up our cloud a little.
  3. Provide an HTML5 mobile client so iPhone users can play also.
  4. Resolve mobile and API issues. There ares some important issues we are finding through our testing. More testing should shake these out.
  5. Business sign up.
  6. Administration tools.
UPDATE 11/23/2010

Business services available, we have also built scalability up so performance should be improved.

Things We Are Planning
  • Business Services DONE!
  • HTML5 Mobile Web Client
  • Foursquare Checkins
  • Improved Offers
  • Better Game Mechanics
Open Beta Versions
Android Client 0.8.37
Website 0.8.37

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