Sunday, November 7, 2010

0.8.36 Open Beta Available!

We are really excited to announce that we have just gone Open Beta with v0.8.36 on both Android Market and our website. This means that we will start taking on more users, it DOES NOT mean we think we are anything close to being the quality we would like. That's why its not a "release".

Thanks again to the testers, you have been so helpful and given us really helpful feedback. You are now ready to be a part of any Valley Startup! @DeepSouthM3 @Quiksand @FWFUTAH @mirmie02 (and more) all were awesome and crucial to getting here.

So there is no fancy party, we have vowed that there will be no party until we earn enough money to pay for it. But we are getting there, and when we have enough for a party it will be SWEET!

We didn't get as many responses as we would like from the survey, but we had enough to feel like its time to move forward. Here is why we think we are ready:

  • Xochi Lives! - We now have a real inference engine to drive both the game mechanics and the matching of users to the best offers possible. The implications of this have just begin.
  • Better Location - The reports of location issues caused us to re-implement our location services, with tons of field testing we think its a lot better.
  • More Stable - Haven't had one FC report in a week, which means that stability has for most people is way better.
Hopefully this is just the start, we have big plans and hope you are part of it.

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