Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Android Client 0.8.35 on Market

Well hopefully we are on the home stretch to open this up to an open beta. We will be honest, its been hard, but all of you have been so great and helpful in making this product better. Now we need to take it to the next step. We are not ready quite yet, and we definitely wont go there unless you think we should, so we are going to mail out a survey to the beta group and see if you will agree that we are ready.

What did we fix in 0.8.35?
  • Signup Crashes if in Landscape Mode - There is still some weirdness when you authorize into the application for the first time using twitter, but at least it does not crash. If you don't get the auth the first time click the button again.
  • Some Network Actions Fail or Time Out - There were some things I was missing on the server side that caused first time users to get BOO screens on cred and timeline the first time.
  • Black Screen on Startup - You will notice a page with a rotating progress on startup, basically there is a twitter check on startup that takes a little time, just hang in there. We think this is better than showing a black screen which confuses people.
  • Screen History Behaviors - Hitting back button had strange behaviors occasionally, generally we try to take people back to splash now if possible.
  • Numerous FC Fixes - Your crash reports helped us again!
Hopefully on this release users will feel like the stability of the app is improving, one thing we have not fixed yet that we want to fix before we go to open is that location can sometimes think you are in the previous place, we included a refresh button so you can force this until we get it just right.

Survey should go out Sat, if we get enough results we will release 0.8.36 open beta on Sun.

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  1. Just DL it and looks good. I did notice today it had all my past locations at my new spot. I'll be putting it thru the paces.

    Heath (DeepSouthMS3)