Sunday, November 21, 2010

Release 0.8.37 Web & Android Available

Business Services is Live!

We love small businesses, its is the spirit of Entrepreneurship that we *honestly* admire and respect. Heck, we are trying to start a business too so we want to help businesses reach out to their customers and know how they are perceived by their customers.

That's why we really wanted to push our Business Services product. Our first goal: make it easy and affordable for any business to have a loyalty program. Our Second: provide a way for businesses to manage relationships with those customers. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

As you can tell we are super excited about this. We have many challenges getting the word out, and we are going to be launching an affiliate program of our own very soon, most likely reaching out to our rating community, and growing our SEO profile help small businesses make stronger relationships with their customers.

If you know a business that would like us to waive fees for one year we are looking for applicants to one of our events in San Diego, Los Angeles, or The Bay Area. Just sign up here:

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