Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HTML5 and Mobile Web (Our iPhone Approach)

So just so you know, running a startup is really hard. Even though you have just about no money and time your users believe you should have products that are high quality, always on and available on every platform. Of course this is miraculous magical thinking, but they actually are very justified in their expectations because when it comes down to it people shouldn't care that a product is backed by billions or thousands, they should just know that they are delighted.

We know that we have to make our products available to more people if we are successful, and that's why we have decided to look at platforms and programming that lets us reach the most amount of people with high mobile interactivity, with as little platform specific programming as possible. Its an insane problem on how can support multiple mobile platforms Java, ObjectiveC, hustle on both the Apple and Android fronts and be agile to respond to your user's desires with a limited budget.

That's why when we wanted to allow iPhone users to become part of our rating community we decided to create an HTML5 client for RateCred using Sencha Touch, and to begin to gauge if our users are willing to use HTML based applications that are custom built for mobile.

By going to HTML5 we have the potential to provide coverage to our client side development efforts across Android, iPhone, iPad and web rating capabilities. If our users like this approach it will allow us to focus on creating a better application for our uses instead of managing features across multiple platforms.

So the nay sayers will claim "People want native apps, they want an icon, and they don't use web browsers on their phone", well that may be the case now, but we are looking towards the future and we think the future is highly interactive mobile centric HTML5.

If our users tell us we are wrong we will correct, but until then we will go with our instincts.

Look for our HTML5 client to be available for bleeding edgers in early January.