Sunday, January 23, 2011

RateCred Android Hour Interview

Dont Hate The Geek from The Android Hour Interviews RateCred CEO Clay Graham about the social game that lets you share your experiences with friends using twitter to earn rewards and offers. It was so much fun spending time with this community of Android enthusiasts!

This video was originally 18m and has been edited for YouTube.

Monday, January 17, 2011

RateCred For Publishers

As a blogger you spend time growing your readership and being a journalist. We recognize the effort that takes and want to have a relationship that rewards you for working with us. Our publisher tools make it easy to allow your readers to rate any place you post about, and help you build a community by bringing your readers together around your blog using social media. Our publisher plugin for Blogger and WordPress makes it easy to grow readership and earn affiliate revenue with your paypal account.

If you are a web site developer creating a web site why not make it easy to bundle check-in and rewards with your next venue web site development project? By bundling our web plugin with our business services you have a simple, mobile enabled, check-in and rewards system to add value to your next web site project. We pay referral fees for every business services signup.

By including a javascript plugin that is keyed to the place you want to talk about or develop a web site for we can identify the source of the rating. All you do is insert the script tags in the blog post or somewhere in your design and you are good to go! To get started now just sign up as an affiliate, or if you have questions email us.

Here's an example:

It's simple.
  • Sign Up - Enter our online form so we know who you are.
  • Embed The Plugin - Just place the script tags with our RateCred place id on your site.
  • Earn Affiliate Revenues - Every month we pay for every rating your users make about the places you publish via your paypal account. ($10 minimum)

Just Insert this code...

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">RATECRED.Widget(3112,'b5929af4');</script>

January & February Events!

RateCred Events

RateCred is the social game that lets you rate any place using Android & iPhone and then share with your friends using Twitter to earn cred and offers. RateCred helps get the word out for your business using social media and makes rating a game with badges, a rewards program, and social rating events. We are now signing up businesses for January and February events. We offer a Prix Fixe menu and will work with you to create a great event that brings 10-20 people into your venue, who then in turn use social media to talk about the event and your business. Its a win-win, you build brand awareness with a rabidly loyal group of customers who love locally owned businesses, and we get an opportunity to show you how great our service is for growing loyalty with your customers.

Interested in learning more about RateCred?

Goto our About Page

All event sponsors receive a free trial of RateCred!

Ever wanted a rewards program for your business that you did not have to manage or maintain? Want a simple way to instantly know what your customers are thinking about your business? RateCred business services provide an easy to use system to give rewards to your customers and build long term relationships and loyalty. Your customers redeem your offers right on their mobile phone. RateCred makes rating your business a social game and builds awareness and reputation for your business on twitter.

Now signing up January & February events!

We are now signing up businesses for events in January and February, just pick a night that works for you, and a great deal to offer our users and we will do the rest! Its easy to sign up and we will work with you to make sure its a great deal and helps your business.

Register For An Event in January or February

Monday, January 3, 2011

RateCred HTML5 for iPhone Early Release

Really excited to be working with sencha, and would love some feedback from the community on ways to improve the Sencha Touch version of our application.

RateCred is the social game that lets you rate any place and then share with your friends using Twitter to earn cred and offers. We recognize that your opinion is valuable, so why shouldnt you recieve recognition for your expertise? That's why leaders in the game get special awards and recognition for being a thought leader, what we call "cred". RateCred makes it easy to share opinions about your likes and dislikes for any place you go. If you have a Twitter account you already are signed up for RateCred.

Our application is currently available for free on android market, the Sencha Touch effort is intended to at least provide iPhone support and at best to converge our mobile client platform.

Any advice, critique, or comments are greatly appreciated.